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How to Conceive a Girl -- The natural way

Conceiving a girl might seem like a dream come true. Maybe you want a baby girl as that little princess to complete your family. Maybe you need to conceive a girl for medical reasons. No matter why you need to have a girl, the question is - is there a way to tip the odds in your favour?

The answer - Of course there is.

Medical practices, although invasive and sometimes a highly emotional procedure, can give you an upper hand in gender selection. Microsort, Ericsson method, ICSI and IUI can all improve your chances of conceiving a little girl. The success rates of these methods are varied from around 70% to 90%. The actual success rate of you getting pregnant by one of these methods is where the figures take a drastic dive! You only have a 35% chance of conception when using these methods.

Medical gender selection methods can also go against the grain when it comes to some peoples beliefs and religion. Playing 'God' with medical help is frowned upon and sometimes just not allowed.

So are there any other methods available?

Yes there are... Natural methods of gender selection are becoming more widely available, and more widely used by women who want to conceive a baby of a certain gender. The scientists who founded these natural methods are finally starting to spill the beans, and women all around the world are taking advantage of this 'old' - but well guarded information, and why shouldn't they.

The good thing about natural gender selection is that it also prepares your body for pregnancy, and so it gives you a higher chance of conception altogether.

So for conceiving a girl, what should you do?

Arm yourself with knowledge. The more you know about gender selection and how your body works, the higher your chances of getting pregnant with a little baby girl.

There are certain factors that you should learn about:

  • You must know when you ovulate.
  • A slight change to you and your partners diet.
  • A slight alteration in your body's PH level.
  • Learn about your man's sperm, two different types, two different speeds and stamina levels!
  • Certain sexual positions will increase the odds of conceiving a girl.

So how can these very small things help you to conceive a girl? It's bit like a jigsaw, all the pieces fit together to make the bigger picture.

Visit Julie, and discover much more on ways to conceive a girl. Or take a closer look at natural gender selection.

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