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How to conceive a BOY -- With a little help from mother nature

If you're having a baby, the question will undoubtedly crop up at some stage - Do you want a boy or a girl?

For some couples that very question is there right from the beginning, even before they start trying to conceive. The question going through their minds is 'how to conceive a boy'. Plain and simple, but with lack of answers.

There can be a whole host of different reasons why people would want a baby of a certain gender, for some it is just a preferred choice, for others it could be medical reasons. Some cultures and religions don't like you trying to play 'God'.

This I suppose can be totally understandable if you are medically trying to generate the sex of your baby. Such methods as Microsort, ICSI, IUI can all influence the gender of child that you could conceive. These methods though aren't cheap, costing anything from $500 to $5000 and sometimes more, is it worth the cash and the risk? That's right, there is still a risk. These medical methods only have an accuracy of 70-90%. Trying to get pregnant through these methods gives you a 35% chance of conception... Not good by any means!

So if you're in a desperate position, and you really want to know how to conceive a boy, you don't have to rely on medical procedures. Natural gender selection is becoming much more widely available today. Secrets that have only been known by doctors and certain scientists are starting to surface. Desperate women have started to research multiple methods and reduce them down into one tried and tested method, and do you know what.... It works!

The success rates of natural gender selection is starting to 'outdo' modern medical practice! Most natural gender selection methods weigh in at a whopping 90%, some even higher! The answer to your question, how can I conceive a boy is closer than you would ever dare to imagine!

There are several very important factors for conceiving a boy

  • You must know when you ovulate.
  • Be prepared to alter your diet slightly.
  • This also goes for your partners diet.
  • Have knowledge about your partners sperm.
  • Certain sexual positions are favourable.
  • Timing is crucial! 

To learn more about 'how to conceive a boy' Visit me at: Trying for a boy? or find out more about Natural gender selection methods.

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