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Week 42

How's Mom Doing?

  • You will probably find that if you haven't gone into labor yet, your body is giving you signals that birth is imminent.
  • You may recognize some of these early signs that labor is near:
    • Loose stools
    • Bloody show (blood tinged mucus from the vagina), especially after a vaginal exam from your care provider
    • Contractions that start and stop off and on, but probably gradually getting stronger.
    • Losing the mucus plug. You will probably see this in the toilet, if you notice its passing at all. It will look exactly like its name, a plug of mucus about the size of a cotton ball, tinged with blood.
    • A rhythmic back ache.

How's Baby Doing?

  • The baby is still putting on weight, though more slowly now.

  • The placenta is a temporary organ. It begins to break down and become less effective after its 40 to 42 weeks are up so your care provider will be keeping a close eye on the well-being of your baby.

  • Your care provider may suggest a bio-physical profile to assess your little one's health or a non-stress or stress test to determine her reaction to her environment. Make sure you get all the details about what tests are advised.

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