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Week 41

How's Mom Doing?

  • Don't worry, you are by no means the only woman to carry her baby past her due date. The waiting gets a bit harder, but your labor will begin.

  • Try to treasure these last days before your baby's birth, after all you'll never be as close to each other again.

  • Your care provider may be raising the option of getting your labor started by artificial means. Be sure to talk the subject over with her thoroughly so you can make an informed decision. You may also want to research some non-medical home techniques for getting labor started.

  • You may feel comfortable with having a non-stress test done to check your baby's well being. This would involve getting hooked up to an external fetal monitor to determine how active and responsive your little one is.

How's Baby Doing?

  • The 'average' first baby is born 4 days after her estimated due date.

  • Your little one will enjoy hearing you read the same stories after his birth that you read to him before his birth. You may even be able to tell that he recognizes them by calming down and becoming alert as you read.

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