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Week 40

Congratulations you’ve reached your due date!! If you haven’t already given birth already you soon will!

How Big is the Baby at 40 Weeks Pregnant?

By 40 weeks pregnant you baby probably weighs about 7 and a half pounds. During pregnancy at 40 weeks your baby is around 21 and a half inches long. Some babies however may be as large as 9 or 10 pounds by 40 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By pregnancy 40 weeks your baby is ready to bust out of your uterus. With little room to move during pregnancy at 40 weeks your baby is probably starting to think about making a grand entry into the world.

Your Growth and Development

Your belly size is probably relatively constant even during pregnancy at 40 weeks. You are probably grateful at this point in time that your weight gain and size are slowing as you continue your pregnancy week by week. Many women find it difficult to get around after pregnancy 40 weeks.
Remember that in just a short week or two, you will be welcoming your precious newborn baby into the world.

Changes in You

ou may reach your due date during pregnancy week 40. You may also pass your due date and end up 41 weeks pregnant! Many women go on to deliver at 41 weeks pregnant. This is particularly the case with first time mothers. Due date prediction is a science but not an exact one. Since it is difficult to predict the exact date of conception it is often difficult to predict the exact date you will have your baby.

Some babies also like to 'cook' a little bit longer than others so your baby may not be ready at pregnancy week 40. While some baby's are ready to come out at 38 weeks pregnant, others prefer to stay in until 42 weeks pregnant. It really depends on a number of factors.

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