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Week 33

How Big is the Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant?

By pregnancy week 33 your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds and may be a little over 19 inches long!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby is busy concentrating on weight gain during pregnancy week 33 and during the remainder of your pregnancy week by week. Your amniotic fluid may be at the highest level it will reach during your pregnancy at 33 weeks. Your baby's brain has been busy growing rapidly during pregnancy at 33 weeks, increasing the size of your baby's head by as much as 3/8 of an inch. Your baby's skin will start changing from red to pink as fat begins to accumulate beneath its surface.

Your Growth and Development

By 33 weeks pregnant your uterus is a little over 5 inches above your navel. You may have gained up to 28 pounds by 33 weeks pregnant, though some women will have gained more. During this point in pregnancy many women find that they gain weight faster than at any other time. This is partly due to the rapid growth your baby is experiencing. Most babies will put on 5-9 ounces every week from this point out!

Changes in You

You are probably giddy with excitement by pregnancy 33 weeks at the thought of delivering your baby. Hold on however, you still have a few more weeks to go! You might consider pre-registering at the hospital sometime after pregnancy 33 weeks. Pre-registration will help speed up the admitting process once you are well on your way to delivery. If you are like most women you probably don't want to think about paperwork when you are in the throws of labor.

You are probably experiencing edema or swelling as you continue your pregnancy week by week. This can be particularly noticeable if you live in a hot climate or are in the throws of the third trimester in the middle of summer. Remember to rest on your left side as much as possible to help minimize swelling.

Some women experience pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers and wrists at about this point in pregnancy. It isn't uncommon for the tissues supporting your hands and wrists to swell, which can cause a condition resembling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel is actually a bony structure in the wrist. When the tissues surrounding it swell, the nerves running through the carpal tunnel can get pinched.

If you work in a job that requires frequent typing, your healthcare provider might suggest you wear a brace to help relieve some of the aching. You should also take frequent breaks to help reduce the discomfort in your hands and wrists.

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