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Week 32

How Big is the Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby continues to put on weight during pregnancy at 32 weeks, and is now almost 4 pounds. By 32 weeks pregnant your baby is also just under 19 inches long.

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By 32 weeks pregnant your baby now has toenails and fingernails to complement her frame, though it will probably be a while before your baby requires an official pedicure or manicure.

Your baby continues to grow strong and put on weight during pregnancy at 32 weeks and in the upcoming weeks.

Your Growth and Development

By pregnancy 32 weeks the total volume of blood circulating in your body is about 40 to 50 percent higher than it was before you became pregnant. This added blood volume helps accommodate your fetus. You are probably still gaining about one pound per week during pregnancy 32 weeks. Some women find they are experiencing more shortness of breath at this time during their pregnancy. Be sure you avoid overexertion and take time to rest during the day.

You might start experiencing pain in your buttocks and lower back among other places by pregnancy week 32 as your center of gravity shifts. Take care when walking to avoid unnecessary falls or slips!

Changes in You

If you are having twins, during pregnancy week 32 your uterus would probably be the same size it would be at 40 weeks in a singleton pregnancy! In a single pregnancy the uterus typically measures about 5 inches above the belly button now. The increasing size of your uterus can contribute to heartburn and indigestion as well as a sense of breathlessness during pregnancy.

At this point you should make an effort to drink lots of water as you continue your pregnancy week by week and consume foods high in fiber to help combat constipation, which is typically during late pregnancy. As you continue to grow your hips will start to expand and your ligaments will stretch to help prepare your body for labor.

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