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Week 31

How Big is the Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby keeps gaining weight rapidly by pregnancy week 31. By 31 weeks pregnant your baby will weigh almost 3 and a half pounds and will be about 18 inches long!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby is busy accumulating layers of fat under his skin as you continue your pregnancy week by week. The arms, legs and body start to fill out and look less wrinkly as each week progresses. Your baby may be finding the space in your womb tighter and tighter by 31 weeks pregnant. You may also feel more and more uncomfortable by pregnancy at 31 weeks as your baby continues to grow and the space in your womb decreases each week.
Though your baby's movements should continue to be strong, they will likely be less dramatic and sporadic at this point in your pregnancy. You may see an arm slowly moving across your belly. You will probably start realizing just how strong your unborn baby is from here on out. Kicks and sudden movement changes may cause you to gasp unexpectedly, much to the delight and amazement of onlookers.

Your Growth and Development

By the time you reach pregnancy at 31 weeks your uterus will measure about 4 and a half inches from your bellybutton. You may find that you have some trouble catching a good breath now and again. Remember to take things easy as you continue your pregnancy week by week and as you grow and develop during the last few weeks of pregnancy. If you have been working out regularly up until this point in time, you may find your health improved if you actually engage in lighter workouts. If you haven't already, consider some prenatal yoga or stretching exercises in these last few weeks prior to delivery. Yoga is well known for preparing the body for labor and helping to strengthen and relax the muscles and ligaments in the body.

Changes in You

You may be more and more aware of your breasts as your pregnancy progresses during the third trimester. Some women may start to leak colostrum at this point in their pregnancy. Colostrum is simply the pre milk that your breasts form to nourish your newborn baby during the first few days of life. Colostrum can be clear or slightly tinged with yellow or even orange depending on a number of factors. While some women will not notice colostrum until they approach delivery, others will start leaking even this early in pregnancy.

Colostrum can be particularly beneficial for pre-term infants. It is rich in antibodies and nutrients that can help protect your baby from dangerous infections and other complications during the first few weeks of life.
Some women are concerned at the amount of leaking they experience during this time. If you do start leaking take heart, it is perfectly normal. The best thing you can do is invest in some nursing pads so you don't leak through your clothes. Take any leaking as a great sign that your breasts will be armed and ready to feed your newborn baby when he makes his appearance into the world.

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