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Week 30

How Big is the Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant?

By 30 weeks pregnant your baby weighs almost 3 pounds and is just about 17 inches long!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby is continuing to grow and develop during pregnancy at 30 weeks, filling out your uterus more and more every day. You have probably noticed an arm or leg moving across your belly at one time or another. Many parents have a lot of fun playing "guess the body part" as their unborn baby moves underneath mom's belly during pregnancy 30 weeks. This game is even more interesting as your pregnancy week by week continues. A hard round lump is likely either the head or your baby's bottom, whereas a longer flat surface may be your baby's back. Your healthcare provider may be able to help you identify your baby's bumps and lumps at your next prenatal visit.
The volume of amniotic fluid in your belly will slowly start to decrease as your baby starts to take up more and more space in your belly.
Your Growth and Development

Your uterus is now about 4 inches above your belly button at pregnancy week 30. You are now in the home stretch of pregnancy by pregnancy at 30 weeks, and quickly running out of room to expand!

Changes in You

You are probably starting to feel more tired by 30 weeks pregnant. This is due in part to the increasing levels of progesterone in your body during pregnancy 30 weeks and in part because you are probably having trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep at night. If you haven't already invested in a body pillow or two by now you should!

If you find you are having a difficult time shifting positions at night during pregnancy week 30 and beyond, consider investing in a set of silk sheets. Then why not splurge on a pair of silk pajamas? You'll find moving in bed and shifting positions is a lot simpler when you can easily slide across your sheets. Some women find it most comfortable to sleep in a semi-upright position. If you have a recliner available you might try resting there for a nap or two. This may make it easier to switch from side to side, or at the very least get up after snoozing for an hour or two.

Your balance is probably quite a bit skewed by 30 weeks pregnant. In addition pregnancy hormones have allowed your joints to loosen. Many women find that their feet go up an entire size during pregnancy. This is due to these loosening joints. Most of the time if your foot grows during pregnancy, it will not go back to normal after (sorry ladies!).
Many women find that they are experiencing more emotional swings once again when they enter the third trimester.

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