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Week 19

How Big is the Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

By pregnancy week 19 your baby may be as big as 6 inches long and may weigh up to 7 ounces! Between 19 weeks pregnant and the time you deliver your baby will increase in size by more than 15 times! The growth that occurs during pregnancy week by week from here on out is truly remarkable.
Your Baby's Growth and Development

By pregnancy week 19 your baby is starting to produce meconium, the baby's first bowel movement. When your baby is born she will start passing meconium the first few days of life. Meconium is very normal but can sometimes turn dangerous. Typically when babies are developing they ingest and then excrete amniotic fluid every day. Meconium is a combination of this build-up of material including amniotic fluid that occurs during pregnancy. Typically it is greenish-black in color and tarry upon excretion. Usually your baby will pass this after delivery. There is however a risk if your baby passes meconium while you are still pregnant. Usually this is a sign of fetal distress. Meconium passed in utero can mix with amniotic fluid and sometimes get into the baby's lungs, which can cause complications after delivery including pneumonia.

Typically the only way to tell if the baby has passed meconium is after the birth. When your water breaks if the water is clear your baby should be fine. If your baby has passed meconium the amniotic fluid may be yellowish or greenish. Your healthcare provider will use a DeLee suction to remove the meconium from your baby's airway prior to their first breath, to prevent aspiration of the meconium in the respiratory system.

There is no way to influence whether or not your baby will pass meconium in utero. The good news is that most babies do not, so you shouldn't worry about it. Your healthcare provider will be well equipped to handle the situation should it arise at delivery.

Your baby is also producing vernix during 19 weeks pregnant, which is a white sticky substance that covers your baby's skin to protect it from it's environment. Remember your baby is packed in fluid for nine months. The vernix will keep your baby's skin looking soft and supple.

By pregnancy 19 weeks your baby's brain is also forming pockets to specialize in smell, taste, hearing, vision and even touch. By pregnancy week 19 if you are having a girl she already has produced six million eggs in her ovaries, though this number will decrease by 4 million by the time your newborn baby is born.

Your Growth and Development

By 19 weeks pregnant your uterus should now be just below your belly button. You may notice that your lower abdomen is somewhat achy due to its increased size and pulling on the round ligaments. Round ligament pain is a very common discomfort at 19 weeks of pregnancy

Changes in You

It is not uncommon to find your balance shifting during pregnancy at 19 weeks. Remember your center of gravity is off. You may notice it is more difficult to walk down or up hill with your changing center of gravity. You may also start feeling dizzy or lightheaded, which is a fairly common side effect of pregnancy. Typically you'll notice these symptoms when you change posture, a condition referred to as postural hypotension. This is low blood pressure that results from a change in position, such as a sudden leap from sitting to standing.

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