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Week 13

How Big is the Baby at Thirteen Weeks Pregnant?

During pregnancy week 13 your baby is anywhere from 2 and a half to a little over 3 inches long and weighs up to .7 ounces. Though your baby is significantly larger by pregnancy 13 weeks, he is still pretty tiny. Fortunately there is plenty of room to expand in your uterus as you follow your pregnancy week by week!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By the end of pregnancy week 13 your baby looks like a tiny yet fully formed baby. While your baby's head is still quite large, his body is starting to catch up. Your baby's eyes are starting to move closer together by pregnancy 13 weeks. Up until this point in time they rested closely along the sides of the head. Your baby's intestines are also moving further into their body, and your baby's tiny pancreas starts producing insulin, which will be vital for regulating your baby's sugar levels later in life!

Your Growth and Development

Your uterus is continuing to grow at pregnancy week 13, and as it does you may start feeling some aching or discomfort in your abdomen. This is perfectly normal. The ligaments that surround your uterus will stretch in the upcoming weeks to accommodate your baby, and this stretching often results in what is called round ligament pain.

Round ligament pain is fairly common by 13 weeks pregnant, but can be alarming if you have never experienced it before. It usually presents as a brief but sharp or stabbing pain in your abdomen, but you may also feel a dull ache in the lower abdomen that lasts for a short time. Most often women feel this when they get up suddenly or change position. You might feel this pain as you attempt to roll over swiftly in the bed.

If you experience any pain that is accompanied by other symptoms however, such as cramping, bleeding or vomiting you should call your doctor immediately. Usually round ligament pain doesn't last more than a few minutes. If you have persistent pain something else might be going on that warrants a trip to your doctor.

In most cases simply relaxing can relieve round ligament pain. Be sure you rest comfortable and discontinue any activity that was causing you discomfort. Try to remember to get up slowly each time you get out of bed or move to the sofa. This will become more and more necessary as your uterus continues to expand and you grow larger and larger.

Changes in You

Congratulations! For many women pregnancy week 13 is a time to celebrate. A pregnancy at 13 weeks means you are entering your second trimester, which means your risk for miscarriage drops substantially. You are much more likely to carry your baby to term now that you have made it to 13 weeks. Some women however are still at risk for miscarrying through their 20th week. In certain circumstances a woman might be diagnosed as having an incompetent cervix.

An incompetent cervix is the result of a cervix that is too weak to stay closed during pregnancy. Typically what happens when a woman has an incompetent cervix is the baby is delivered too early to survive. This relatively uncommon problem is usually the cause of up to 25 percent of second trimester losses. A diagnosis of an incompetent cervix can be made using an ultrasound or manually. Generally an incompetent cervix is diagnosed when the cervix is open more than 2.5 cm during pregnancy, or when the length is less than 20mm.

Unfortunately an incompetent cervix is often only diagnosed after a woman has had one or two late miscarriages, or miscarriages that occur in the second trimester. There are some circumstances that may increase a woman's risk of suffering from this disorder, including: cervical trauma, congenital disorders and a previous D&C. Fortunately there is a procedure called a cerclage that can be used to stitch the cervix closed. This is typically done between weeks 14 and 16, and usually allows a woman to carry their baby to term. Remember however that most women will not have an incompetent cervix, and will have a high chance of carrying their baby to term after the 13th week

You will also probably start feeling remarkably better in the upcoming weeks. Instead of feeling tired all the time and nauseous, you may find that you have a newfound sense of health and vigor.

By 13 weeks pregnant you will want to wear loose fitting clothing. You still might not be big enough to fit into maternity clothes, but chances are your favorite pair of jeans are no longer your favorite simply because they do not fit as well.

Your breasts will continue to change throughout your pregnancy week by week. In addition to the darkening of your areolas, you might start noticing the

veins in your breasts are more prominent. Some women also start developing larger benign bumps on their breasts during pregnancy. These lumpy bumps surrounding the areola are glands that will grow and develop as your pregnancy continues.

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