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Week 10

How Big is the Baby at Ten Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is getting big... in fact, by pregnancy week 10 your baby is big enough to start being weighed! By pregnancy week 10 your baby will measure between 31 and 42 mm or a little more than an inch and a half! Your baby is about the size of a lime, maybe slightly larger by now.

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By the end of pregnancy 10 weeks your baby will have moved past the embryonic period, and will begin the 'fetal' period. The fetal period is the time when your fetus will grow rapidly. By week ten your baby is less at risk for congenital malformations, which usually occur during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. You should breathe a big sigh of relief by the end of pregnancy week 10 now that this important developmental stage is past!

It is important however that you know that any exposure to toxins even during this time or throughout your pregnancy week by week can be damaging or harmful for your fetus. Your baby's health and well being depend in large part upon your ability to take care to protect them during the duration of your pregnancy.

One of the more common exposures that women may not consider during pregnancy is second hand smoke. Second hand smoke can be harmful particularly during pregnancy. If you find yourself in an environment where people are smoking, remove yourself as quickly as possible. Don't hesitate to address your needs or assert yourself during this all important time. Most people will certainly understand your concerns and will be more than happy to accommodate any requests to avoid exposing your baby to unnecessary toxins.

By the end of pregnancy week 10 your baby's organ systems are growing quickly. Now internal organs are starting to form and the vital organs including the liver, kidney, intestines and brain will start functioning. In the next three weeks alone your baby's length will grow exponentially. Tiny details will start appearing on your baby's body, including items such as toenails. If you were to look really closely you might even notice some peach fuzz growing on your baby's skin! By now your baby will be consumed with swallowing and kicking. That's right, your baby will swallow amniotic fluid during your pregnancy. Consider it a practice run for breathing once she is born!

Spinal nerves are also visible at this point in pregnancy, and your baby's liver is busy making blood cells.

Pregnancy Medical Facts!

Pregnancy Weight Gain and the Health of Your Newborn Baby
Either excessive pregnancy weight gain or inadequate weight gain is associated with adverse infant outcomes. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has set guidelines for weight gain in pregnancy. Pregnancy weight gain above the recommended IOM guidelines is more common that pregnancy weight gain below the guidelines. Unfortunately, women who gain weight in pregnancy in excess of the recommended guidelines give birth to babies with more problems than babies born to women who gained weight within the recommended guidelines. It is also know that inadequate weight gain during pregnancy clearly places your baby at an increased risk for problems at birth. Weight gain in pregnancy both over and under the recommended Institute of Medicine guidelines will increase the changes of your baby having problems at delivery and after. The better controlled your pregnancy weight gain is the healthier your baby will be at birth.


The evidence continues to mount regarding the value of breastfeeding for both mom and baby. Human milk provides developmental, nutritional, and immunologic benefits to the infant that cannot be duplicated by formula feeding. With the development of iron-fortified formula in the late 1950s, breastfeeding rates began to decrease as formula feeding gained popularity. Since that time breastfeeding have been increasing but they have not yet reached the goal set by the U.S. Public health Service for 75% of mothers to initiate breastfeeding after delivery.

Your Growth and Development

You may think you are starting to show by pregnancy 10 weeks, but most people still probably can't tell that you are pregnant yet. That is ok! After pregnancy week 10 and in the next few weeks you will start seeing some changes in your profile, your partner may have already commented on your ever so slightly more rounded belly.

Changes in You

Hang in there, now that you are 10 weeks pregnant just a couple more weeks and you should start realizing some significant relief from morning sickness!

By 10 weeks pregnant you are probably starting to feel more and more positive about your pregnancy. You have probably had the opportunity by now to hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time at your doctor's office. The sound of your baby's heartbeat for the first time will probably send you and your partner to the moon and back.

If you haven't invited your partner to accompany you to your prenatal visits by pregnancy at 10 weeks, you might consider doing so now. Though many are 'run of the mill' checks, your partner will feel more a part of your pregnancy week by week and more helpful and supportive if they are invited to your prenatal visits. During your visits your partner and you will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions and concerns you may be having about your pregnancy. Your partner may even think of a few questions you may never have even considered.

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